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How to defragment a hard disk

How to defragment a hard disk

Hard disk capacity is gradually reduced if more data is stored along with prolonged use. In addition, deleting data creates free space on the hard disk, which also causes problems in data management. Filling in the blanks can make the hard disk work faster. Windows disk defragmentation tools can be used to increase hard disk capacity. It is basically a process of sorting the scattered files on the computer's hard disk.

To turn on the Disk Defragmentation tool, press Windows and R keys together, type dfrgui in the Run window and press Enter. Or click on Defragment and Optimize Drives in the Windows Start menu and then click on Defragment and Optimize Drives. Once the disk defragmentation tool is turned on, select your computer's hard disk from the list and click the Analyze button below.

If the computer only has SSD, then the Analyze button will remain inactive, it is only available for hard disk. You have to notice the percentage of the hard disk that is being analyzed in the status cell. At least 5 percent your hard disk fragmentation level will be fine and the defragmentation process will take less time to complete. Once the analysis is complete, click on the Optimize button. Sometimes it takes more time to complete. At this time it is better not to do other work on the computer.


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